Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Knitted Beauty

Ann Munoz submitted this collage (created by Tracy Meyers) of hats and a headband made in their Intermediate Knitting class.

Ann writes: The beautiful results of the 5 weeks Fair Isle (color work) knitting class. All thanks to our great teachers, Lucinda Klein and Bobbie Wyrick.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trivia Challenge

How many grooves are there in the edge of a dime?
How about the title of Elvis Presley's first hit record?
How many eggs does a queen bee lay in a day?

We didn't know, either.

A roomful of trivia buffs braved 10-degree weather to take part in NKA's Trivia Challenge, an activity conceived by Quiz Master Carol Nelson.
Using quizzes created by newspaper Trivia Queen Fifi Rodriguez, Carol pitched a wide variety of questions, from the name of the Greek God of Fire to the author of Me Talk Pretty One Day, the special characteristic of pumice stone, and the other name for rubies.
From left: Helen Livingston, Marg Griffin, Carol Nelson, and Audene Campbell engage in some post-test analysis.

Each participant scored his/her own quiz, and the moans, groans, and "ah-ha"s indicated how surprised we were to discover what we did and didn't know. The hour flew by, and everyone agreed that they would gladly come back for more next semester.

Answers to above trivia questions:
1. 118 grooves in a dime's edge
2. "I Forgot to Remember to Forget"
3. Up to 2,000 eggs
4. Helios
5. David Sedaris
6. It floats
7. Red Corundum

Monday, December 5, 2016

Mountain River Ranch Holiday Evening

Another fantastic NKA travel offering was a holiday evening at Mountain River Ranch near Heise.
This massive longhorn was an impressive 
lodge adornment.
Guests arrived at a sign-in lodge where they sipped warm spiced cider and visited while waiting for other guests to arrive. 
This delicious hot dinner did not disappoint! After feasting the guests settled in to a little dessert and a holiday show by the country trio.

Outside, guests nestled into sleighs pulled by matched pairs of well-groomed draft horses. 
Away we cheerily go into the snowy night filled with the jingling of bells on the horse harnesses. 
Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"90 & Better!"

A new NKA feature is the "90 & Better" club, an idea proposed by JoAn Dilweg. Brief biographies of NKA members who have achieved the age of 90 (or better) have been collected and submitted by Jane Riley. 

"90 & Better" members are feted each year at a special birthday party. 
As more NKA members join the club, their biographies will be added to this blog.

90 & Better: Lloyd Call

Submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Harold Leland Catmull

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Jeanne Hudson Davis

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Ruth Dyer

Submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Lois Kelly

Submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Bill and Betty Moore

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Robert L. Shaw

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Francis Jeannine Leonara Threlkell

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg, submitted by Jane Riley

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Annual End-of-Year Meeting

This NKA year culminated in an annual meeting combined with a picnic, play-day, and party. Pocatello's historic Meridell Park was the venue. 
 Attendees socialized before the meeting.
 President Audrey Cole (below) summarized the accomplishments of her 2015-2016 tenure.
Class show-and-tell displays included a Readers Theater outdoor presentation of a play written by Jim Mariani titled, "Human Chess Match"...
...belly dancing...
...a line-dance performance...
...barn quilts, alcohol-ink tiles, and projects from the knit & crochet class. 
A special feature was a birthday celebration of our "90 and Better" members.*
Above photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames. 
*Watch for separate posts as "90 and Better" members are added to this blog.