Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tour of Gipsy Garden

A large group of NKA members braved a light rain to tour Gipsy Garden on South Grant in Pocatello. 

The tour was led by owner Camille Hanks (above left), who started the garden in 1997 and still lives in the small home on the property. 

The attendees were impressed by how lovely the garden was, even this late in the season. 

Camille not only gave names to some familiar and many exotic plants, but also explained how she accomplished so much at very little expense on her plot of a little less than a half-acre.

For several years Camille operated a nursery on the site, but lately has just kept up the garden for her enjoyment and the pleasure of her many friends.  She amazed the class by pointing out that with the way she has organized the plantings and the irrigation system, maintenance of the garden has only required some 23 hours of her time this year. That will increase somewhat as she brings inside for the winter several types of plants and the pet doves in the large cages around her yard.
Above photos and text submitted by Roger Harrer.
Photos and text below submitted by Marilyn Ames.
Camille gave us some of her personal history in gardening, shared many tips and ideas, and was very generous with her time. We all had a great time.
Everything in her garden shows Camille's love of design and nature. Her repurposing of everyday objects adds whimsy and delights all visitors to her garden.
The cool, damp weather did not dampen our enthusiasm as we explored the fascinating layout of lovely, unique, and sometimes rare trees and plants interspersed with Camille's own creative sculptures.