Sunday, March 22, 2015

Antarctic Adventures

NKA member Allan Priddy has made 11 trips to the South Pole, working as a seasoned builder and contractor. His wife, Kathy, joined him in presenting "Your Tax Dollars at Work in the Antarctica," a discussion of what the USA is learning about Antarctica and what life is like on the Great White Continent.
Allan narrated a slideshow of his experiences with Antarctica's wildlife, glaciers, volcanos, and the science projects taking place there.

Kathy accompanied Allan on his last trip to Antarctica. 
Her career as a business education teacher at Idaho State University prepared her well to run the Post Office at McMurdo Bay.

Allan stressed the importance of a sense of humor in getting through the long, dark months and the extreme cold. He handily answered the many questions his excited audience asked.

In addition to an outstanding presentation, Kathy and Allan prepared a display of some of their duds and mementos.

Each of the items tells its own story of life in the frozen wilderness of Antarctica.

Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames.