Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Self-Defense for Senior Women

Ready, Set, Go!  
Nine NKA members spent September learning self-defense moves from Instructor Marian Twitchell and her assistant, Stephen Davis, at The Leavitt Center in Pocatello.
Left to right, above: Marlene Hendricks, Debbie Christensen, Betty Lochridge, Marian Twitchell, Stephen Davis, Sue Roads, Marijana Dolsen, Angela Luckey, Susan Cramer, Georgette Kern, and Sondra Dunkle.
Preparation, assessment, out witting and out maneuvering an opponent were the core of the self-defense for women's class. It is rare to get such a highly qualified instructor and assistant for a dozen free sessions. The topic was serious, but the sessions were fun as well as valuable.

Thank you, Sensei Marian and Stephen!

Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames.