Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bear Education and Safety

Did you know that the color and size of black bears and grizzly bears can be misleading?  Grizzly bear numbers are increasing, and the areas where they may be encountered are expanding, so, for safety's sake, it's important to know your bears!
Ken Olson is a Certified Idaho Master Naturalist who volunteers for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He described bear features and safety measures during an up-date of his popular educational presentation. 
The audience learned how to properly identify our native black, brown, and grizzly bears, as well as how to react when encountering them in the wild. (Putting one's arm around them is discouraged.)
Ken arrived with the Fish and Game Bear Trailer, which is loaded with examples of taxidermy bears, pelts, and skulls. The presentation also included a discussion of the purchase, transport, storage, and proper use of bear spray.
Ken sported a bear-themed belt buckle and cell phone cover.
These photos were submitted by Marilyn Ames, who writes: "The two-hour class was jam-packed with information including maps, videos, displays, demonstrations, and handouts. These presenters bring a real Wow! factor to a terrific presentation."