Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quilts Gone Crazy!

Instructor BJ Sandusky and her Crazy Quilt quilters recently finished three two-hour sessions of quilting art and magic.

BJ (far left, above) has been making crazy quilts since 1998 and perfecting her art by taking classes and teaching others.
Marilyn Ames, one of BJ's students says: "BJ's enthusiasm is infectious, and everyone is loving the class. BJ is an expert fiber artist and a terrific teacher. This is a series of classes filled with fun and inspiration! Thanks, BJ!"
So, just what makes a quilt "crazy?" First, BJ shows her quilters how to coordinate a selection of eye-catching fabrics and attach them to foundation pieces. 

Some machine stitching is employed, as well as hand stitching. Embroidery stitches are used to secure the seams.
Finally, the fabric is embellished with other items such as buttons, beads, and trinkets.
BJ also provided a handout of other crazy quilt patterns so her quilters could continue to experiment at home.
Go Crazy Quilters!