Thursday, October 25, 2012

NKA Radio Theatre Presents

Jean Anderson's "Lit Aloud" group produced a version of live radio called "NKA Radio Theatre Presents." The performance included vintage radio mysteries, comedies, soap operas, and commercials from the 1930s-1950s.
The performance began with the "Good Morning, Breakfast Clubbers" welcome song from Don McNeill's famous "Breakfast Club."
Jane Riley, Jean Anderson, and Ron Gill served as announcers.
 Janet and Stanley Matsuura performed a 
George Burns and Gracie Allen comedy sketch.
 Cheryl Lyda and Donna Jordahl reprised Abbott & Costello's famous "Who's on First?" routine.
Mystery Theatre included snippets from The Shadow, The Whistler, The Fat Man, Boston Blackie, and Dragnet. Above, Alma Tilley, Lillian Moore, Ron Gill, and Jane Riley listen as Audene Campbell uses an empty glass to produce an echo-ing "Ha, ha, ha" for her role as The Shadow.
 Rosa Mena headed up the Props and Sound Effects Department, assisted by Karen Behning.
 One of the props was a large "On Air" sign.
Stanley Matsuura introduced "Frankenstein," with Carol Nelson, Rosa Mena, and Ron Gill in the title role. I played the monster. My lines: "Arr!" "Aaarrr!!" and "AAARRR!!!"
 Carole Hagler and Ron Gill were Fibber McGee and Molly.
 "Don't open that closet!"
Jean Anderson read snippets from three of her favorite vintage soap operas: Our Gal Sunday, Helen Trent, and Ma Perkins.
 The performance ended with an audience sing-along to
 "Grandma's Lye Soap."
Carole Hagler and Lois Wellard rehearse their parts for 
The Jack Benny show.
Carol Nelson eagerly waits for the audience to arrive.
 Alma Tilley checks the program's line-up.
We had such a good time that we plan to do more next semester. Watch for the "Readers Theatre" offering in the Spring catalog and sign up if you're interested in joining us for more fun!