Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking the Greenway

Marjean Waford submitted these photos and her commentary:
"We started walking the Greenway on April 6th. Our leaders are Shirley Rogers and Marg Griffin. The first day it snowed, but a few brave souls went anyway. There were six of us, plus four dogs. People in the photo are Shirley, Chuck, Marg, Lillian, and Sally. I took the picture. The four dogs are also there."  
 The ducks were in the river as we walked along.

On Friday, April 20th, Marjean wrote: "We didn't have a big group, but we met at the Bison Sculpture and we walked the Greenway. It was a beautiful morning, sunny, crisp and warm when we finished. A good time was had by all. Left to right are Shirley, Juanita, Beth, Chuck, Sylvia, Marg, Sally, and Sandy. Plus a few of our four legged friends."

The photos below were taken on Friday, April 13th--better weather and many more people!
 Carol and Bill
 Marjean with Shelby and Bonzai
 Our leader: Shirley
Our leader: Marg, with Juanita
 Sally and Lillian
Linda and Dixie