Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SRNHB at the Museum of Clean

On Saturday, April 21st, the Snake River New Horizon Band (SRNHB), under the direction of Kerrie Tolman, performed a concert at Don Aslett's Museum of Clean.
[At left: Marie, Nancy, and Judy]   

Marjean submitted these photos and comments: "We played 8 or 10 pieces and had such a wonderful reception that an encore was presented. Many NKA members attended to show their support for the band's efforts."  [At right: Sally, Rachel, and Bart] 
Alto Saxophone players, Roger and Ruth Ann, 
were featured in one of the pieces, "Yakety Sax." 
Kerrie, our director and Roger
 Kathy and David
 Judy and Linda
 Norma and Angela
Sally and Marjean
Our "Duster," Chris
Karen helps John adjust his "mop head."
SRNHB's coordinator is John Meiners. John not only keeps the band informed of practice and performance schedules and new resources for music, but he also functions as the band's "spirit coordinator," as evidenced by this recent email invitation, inspired by the Clean Museum venue:
Hi-- I'm not certain I have the courage to wear a ragmop to a concert at a Cleaning Museum. But looking back at the XMAS and St. Pat's concerts with this group, anything is possible. I think we are all set. Hope to hear you tomorrow. --John

Read more about SRNHB in previous posts on this blog (found in the archive on the left side of this screen). The band has a page on FaceBook that they use to keep members informed. Photos and links to their videos are posted there. You need not be a Facebook member to view the videos. Click on this link: 

You may also watch SRNH on YouTube. Click on this link: