Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latin Line Dancers' Performance Schedule

Marjean sent this photo and report on the Latin Line Dancers:
Front row: Amparo, Linda, Lucy Bonman (leader), Martha, and Aleen.
Back row: Pat, Marijana, Marjean, and Lillian.   

We performed on March 26th at Quinn Meadows and are performing several times in April and May (see schedule below). We will be on the show, "Seniors on the Go," which we are taping on May 1st. We are having lots of fun!

April 18, Wednesday     Safe Haven at 10 am
April 18, Wednesday     Quinn Meadows at 3:30 pm
April 25, Wednesday     Performance & lunch for the Benchwarmers at Central Christian Church
May 1, Tuesday             TV taping at the Senior Center at 5 pm for the show "Seniors on the Go"
May 2, Wednesday        Performance and lunch at Senior Center at 11:00 am 
May 5, Saturday, 3:30    Cinco De Mayo lunch & performance at 3:30 pm at St. Anthony's        Church
May 23, Wednesday      Quinn Meadows at 3:30 pm