Friday, April 6, 2012

Intermediate Bridge: 2 Over 1 Game Force System

Instructor Jeanne Moore is teaching an 8-week course on the "2 over 1" force system of bridge to the NKA Intermediate Bridge group.

Intermediate Bridge participants already understand the basics of bridge. Now, they're ready to take the game to a new level, using a modification of standard bidding that is described in Grant & Rodwell's book, 2 Over 1: Game Force.
Doris, Barb, Marjean, and Janice study their hands.

Two-over-one game forcing is a bidding system in modern contract bridge. After a one-level opening bid, a non-jump response in a new suit at the two level commits partners to bidding at least game.
 The normal 2/1 game forcing auctions are 1–2, 1–2, 1–2, 1–2, and 1–2. Hands without an opening bid (generally 12+ high card points) are required to respond 1NT to 1, or to 1 if they lack 4 spades.
Elsie and George consult Grant & Rodwell's text. 
Everyone agreed that learning a new modification to a familiar game 
is challenging, but fun!