Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SRNHB at the Museum of Clean

On Saturday, April 21st, the Snake River New Horizon Band (SRNHB), under the direction of Kerrie Tolman, performed a concert at Don Aslett's Museum of Clean.
[At left: Marie, Nancy, and Judy]   

Marjean submitted these photos and comments: "We played 8 or 10 pieces and had such a wonderful reception that an encore was presented. Many NKA members attended to show their support for the band's efforts."  [At right: Sally, Rachel, and Bart] 
Alto Saxophone players, Roger and Ruth Ann, 
were featured in one of the pieces, "Yakety Sax." 
Kerrie, our director and Roger
 Kathy and David
 Judy and Linda
 Norma and Angela
Sally and Marjean
Our "Duster," Chris
Karen helps John adjust his "mop head."
SRNHB's coordinator is John Meiners. John not only keeps the band informed of practice and performance schedules and new resources for music, but he also functions as the band's "spirit coordinator," as evidenced by this recent email invitation, inspired by the Clean Museum venue:
Hi-- I'm not certain I have the courage to wear a ragmop to a concert at a Cleaning Museum. But looking back at the XMAS and St. Pat's concerts with this group, anything is possible. I think we are all set. Hope to hear you tomorrow. --John

Read more about SRNHB in previous posts on this blog (found in the archive on the left side of this screen). The band has a page on FaceBook that they use to keep members informed. Photos and links to their videos are posted there. You need not be a Facebook member to view the videos. Click on this link: 

You may also watch SRNH on YouTube. Click on this link:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking the Greenway

Marjean Waford submitted these photos and her commentary:
"We started walking the Greenway on April 6th. Our leaders are Shirley Rogers and Marg Griffin. The first day it snowed, but a few brave souls went anyway. There were six of us, plus four dogs. People in the photo are Shirley, Chuck, Marg, Lillian, and Sally. I took the picture. The four dogs are also there."  
 The ducks were in the river as we walked along.

On Friday, April 20th, Marjean wrote: "We didn't have a big group, but we met at the Bison Sculpture and we walked the Greenway. It was a beautiful morning, sunny, crisp and warm when we finished. A good time was had by all. Left to right are Shirley, Juanita, Beth, Chuck, Sylvia, Marg, Sally, and Sandy. Plus a few of our four legged friends."

The photos below were taken on Friday, April 13th--better weather and many more people!
 Carol and Bill
 Marjean with Shelby and Bonzai
 Our leader: Shirley
Our leader: Marg, with Juanita
 Sally and Lillian
Linda and Dixie

Friday, April 20, 2012

International Cuisine

The second dinner of the semester for International Cuisine took place on Thursday, April 19th, with Bolivia as our featured country. The committee did a wonderful job with decorations of beautiful red and yellow flowers and delicious food.
Amparo, Cesar, Roger and Sonia with friends from Argentina who were visiting Pocatello.
 Roger and Angela
Roger Castro, a Pocatellan from Bolivia, gave a wonderful speech about his native country. He also played two different wooden flutes for us.
 Amparo and Sonia
Harold and Rayna, Chairperson for this night's dinner

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Latin Line Dancers

NKA's Latin line dancers, under the direction of Lucy Bonman, performed recently at Safe Haven Healthcare Center. They performed examples of several dances: mambo, samba, tango, cumbia, and cha-cha.
 Lucy, Linda, Amparo, Pat, Martha, Lillian, Aleen, Marjean
A last-minute consultation
Ready, set, go!
(See the previous post for the group's performance schedule.)
Four brief videos of these dancers may be viewed on YouTube by clicking on these links:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latin Line Dancers' Performance Schedule

Marjean sent this photo and report on the Latin Line Dancers:
Front row: Amparo, Linda, Lucy Bonman (leader), Martha, and Aleen.
Back row: Pat, Marijana, Marjean, and Lillian.   

We performed on March 26th at Quinn Meadows and are performing several times in April and May (see schedule below). We will be on the show, "Seniors on the Go," which we are taping on May 1st. We are having lots of fun!

April 18, Wednesday     Safe Haven at 10 am
April 18, Wednesday     Quinn Meadows at 3:30 pm
April 25, Wednesday     Performance & lunch for the Benchwarmers at Central Christian Church
May 1, Tuesday             TV taping at the Senior Center at 5 pm for the show "Seniors on the Go"
May 2, Wednesday        Performance and lunch at Senior Center at 11:00 am 
May 5, Saturday, 3:30    Cinco De Mayo lunch & performance at 3:30 pm at St. Anthony's        Church
May 23, Wednesday      Quinn Meadows at 3:30 pm

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lit Aloud Hosts "An Evening of Mah Jongg, Shakespeare Style"

Jean Anderson's Lit Aloud group recently hosted a play performed by some of their fellow NKA members. Entitled "An Evening of Mah Jongg, Shakespeare Style," the 50-minute comedy sketch concerns four of Shakespeare's most well-known female characters getting together for an evening to play Mah Jongg. 
Cast members (left to right): Donna Jordahl as the narrator, Cheryl Lyda as Miranda (The Tempest), Carol Nelson as Queen Gertrude (Hamlet's mother in Hamlet), Pat Bystrom as Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), and Penelope Reedy as Juliet's Nurse (Romeo and Juliet).

The dialogue features many of Shakespeare's famous quotes adapted to apply to the game of Mah Jongg. Cheryl Lyda, the play's writer/director, said the idea was conceived during her regular Tuesday afternoon Mah Jongg group when one player quoted a line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and another player immediately responded with the next line. 
In this play, even audiences who haven't read Shakespeare's plays will recognize his most famous quotes, such as "To be or not to be," "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," and "Out, damned spot." 
A brief overview of Mah Jongg was given for audience members unfamiliar with the game, which requires a combination of luck and strategy. By drawing, discarding, and claiming discarded tiles, players seek to form a winning hand and declare "Mah Jongg."

It was hard to tell which group was enjoying the performance more: the audience or the actors themselves!

To read more about the play, to to 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Intermediate Bridge: 2 Over 1 Game Force System

Instructor Jeanne Moore is teaching an 8-week course on the "2 over 1" force system of bridge to the NKA Intermediate Bridge group.

Intermediate Bridge participants already understand the basics of bridge. Now, they're ready to take the game to a new level, using a modification of standard bidding that is described in Grant & Rodwell's book, 2 Over 1: Game Force.
Doris, Barb, Marjean, and Janice study their hands.

Two-over-one game forcing is a bidding system in modern contract bridge. After a one-level opening bid, a non-jump response in a new suit at the two level commits partners to bidding at least game.
 The normal 2/1 game forcing auctions are 1–2, 1–2, 1–2, 1–2, and 1–2. Hands without an opening bid (generally 12+ high card points) are required to respond 1NT to 1, or to 1 if they lack 4 spades.
Elsie and George consult Grant & Rodwell's text. 
Everyone agreed that learning a new modification to a familiar game 
is challenging, but fun!

Yoga Class Is Having a Wonderful Time!

NKA Instructor Kath Olsen (far right) 
with a few of the "Ease Into Yoga" class members 
who meet at the Mind Your Body center.
Yoga calms the inner chatter.  
Yoga lengthens our backs.
Yoga makes us look wonderful!
Yoga opens our hearts.
Yoga makes us feel energized!
Kath writes: "I am sorry to say I could not get pictures of anyone standing on their head because we didn't do that." ;-)

She is planning to teach another Ease Into Yoga class plus an on-going gentle yoga class at Mind Your Body as soon as the current semester is finished. Interested NKA members can email her at for more details.

Read an earlier post ("Yoga for Seniors") in the January archive of this blog or click on this link: