Thursday, March 1, 2012

Selling on eBay

Have you been wondering what to do with all those vintage treasures you've accumulated, but no longer have use for? Try selling on eBay!  eBay has been described as "the world's largest yard sale," and the Selling on eBay presentation offered NKA participants information about one way to trim down the "stuff" in our homes and make some money by doing so.
Presenter Cheryl Lyda outlined some of the basic decisions to consider before selling on eBay, such as making a commitment to consistent electronic communication with potential buyers. She also demonstrated the necessary equipment for photographing and listing items online, as well as ways to research the value of items.
eBay Tip: Stage the most dramatic photograph of your item to attract buyers' attention.
 eBay Tip: Be sure to clean your item thoroughly before photographing it.
eBay Tip: A collection of small, related items is an effective way to present merchandise.
Cheryl urged participants to use the eBay tutorials and the site's Seller Information Center to answer additional questions about setting up a seller account. Click on this link to get started: