Friday, January 27, 2012

Marigolds' Wine-Tasting

NKA members recently assembled at Marigolds Wine & Delicacies for a cozy evening of sampling different wines and pairings with tasty cheeses. Jean Christensen and B&J Distributing were the instructor/hosts.
The centerpiece of Marigolds is a wall-length electronic wine dispenser. Customers may purchase a "key card" that allows them to sample a huge variety of wines. That way they can do some experimental tasting before settling on a larger quantity of their favorite selections.
Marigolds' wall of wines, for those who are ready to buy an entire bottle.
Other delicacies and wine accessories are also available.
Each customer may autograph a cork, which is then hung from the ceiling.
In the evenings, Marigolds features live music for our listening pleasure. We'll return for more of Marigolds' wine, delicacies, and friendly atmosphere!
Located in the Gold's Gym Plaza on Flandro Drive, just off of Yellowstone Avenue, Marigolds is a relaxed, friendly place to wind down after work and jump-start your weekend fun.

Click on the card to see Marigolds' contact information.