Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mahjong is a game of strategy that originated in China, migrated to the USA in the 1920s, and is currently experiencing a rebirth in popularity around the world. Mahjong may be played at increasingly-complex levels, and winning requires a combination of luck and skill. Lucy Bonman, a local realtor and NKA member, agreed to teach other NKA members this ancient and fascinating game. 
 NKA President Donna Hillard & Lucy Bonman
There are many different versions of Mahjong: American, Hong Kong, etc. Lucy teaches the version she learned growing up in The Philippines. 
Mahjong is designed for four players. By drawing, claiming, and discarding tiles, each player attempts to be the first to build a winning hand of pairs, pungs (3 of a kind), kongs (4 of a kind) and chows (consecutive runs).
Players begin by learning the three Mahjong suits: Bamboos, Characters, and Circles (also known as bams, craks, and dots). Other tiles used in play include the four winds (ESWN), flowers, seasons, and the three dragons (red, green, and white).
This group learned quickly and clearly enjoyed themselves, too.
 Bill didn't get a Mahjong, but he still had fun.
 Yay! for Pat and her winning Mahjong hand!

To learn more about Mahjong, including an American Mahjong tutorial, go to: