Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative Writing

Sometimes billed as "low-impact" writing, NKA's Creative Writing group has been meeting regularly for several years. 
Marg Griffin, the facilitator, describes the class as a "close-knit group" of 18-20 dedicated writers who take their art seriously, yet have a great time writing and sharing what they've written with one another. Even though Marg modestly says that she doesn't "pretend to teach anything," she accepted the challenge of holding the group together after Bob Marsh, who originally started the class, had to bow out suddenly. 
The group meets once a week for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Each meeting, the class members write for a specific period of time and then conduct a read-around. The emphasis of this writing group is on sharing, more than on critiquing one another's work. Marg says, "We measure our growth by what we discover within ourselves."
Marg provides gentle guidance. She says, "Sometimes I go in with a topic or even an object" that serves as a prompt for the day's writing. She describes one such prompt: a rough, homemade stationery box rescued from Deseret Industries that so fascinated the group that they wrote some amazing pieces about it.
The carved items in these photos were brought in by Alan (pictured above), and each class member chose an item to inspire the day's writing.
Most of the writers--who range in age from 55 to 89--focus on non-fiction and personal memoir, with some occasional poetry. Joe, the group's senior writer, has published a memoir about his military service during World War II.
The group is currently closed to new members, but openings may occur for the fall semester, and the names of interested potential members may be placed on a waiting list.