Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carve Out a New Hobby

Want to try your hand at a new hobby? Or do you just want to revive and hone your wood-working skills? Check out NKA's woodcarving class!

Instructors Shorty Miller and Diane Porter will help you get started, and Dick Elliott also serves as woodcarving coach. You'll discover an amazing variety of projects!  [Click on photos to enlarge them.]
Woodcarvers use rotary carving tools and/or knives and gouges. Most equipment is provided to beginning carvers. Returning carvers provide their own tools and equipment.

Safety First is the rule in the woodcarvers' shop.
 Joan's safety mask hides a big smile!
 Shorty demonstrates a technique for a new carver.
Beginning carvers start with a stylized bird, then go on to a shelf cat and a stylized deer before taking up more intricate projects.
NKA wood carvers often enter their work in arts/crafts shows such as those at the Pocatello Art Center and a recent show in Provo, Utah.
Bev contributed photos of finished work shown on this blog post.