Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taste & Share

"Taste the Food and Share the Recipes" is a four-week NKA class offered by Marilyn Edwards, former program coordinator (now retired) of Idaho State University's Culinary Arts program. If you have a dish that your family loves or a recipe that has been passed down from generations of cooks in your family, here is the place to share it.
Class members take turns preparing dishes, presenting recipes, and describing new techniques and equipment. 
 Sue demonstrates a fruit/vegetable juicer.
Marilyn brings years of culinary experience, teaching expertise, 
and a love of food to her group.
Sue (class facilitator), Marilyn, and Judy model their matching
neck-scarves before class.
Then the tasting begins!

Two Judys, ready to share their recipes.
Bette shared a funny story about these yummy spinach nuggets, which her family calls "mulch balls," because of their resemblance to lawn clippings.

Recipes range from appetizers to main course dishes to desserts--all delicious!
Bon app├ętit!