Thursday, November 17, 2011

Come Dance With Us

What has 50 arms and 50 legs, can perform several different moves simultaneously, and occasionally breaks into laughter? No, it's not a ticklish, multi-tasking centipede; it's a group of NKA line dancers.
NKA offers line dancing classes for all skill levels, starters to advanced. There's even a performance class for more experienced dancers. 
Dancers watch the instructors demonstrate a new step before trying it themselves.
Detailed instructions for each routine are available.
   Marjean queues up the music for the next dance.
Following instructions such as, "Turn, turn, triple to the left, now rock back, turn, shuffle, triple to the right," can be tricky, and occasionally, someone takes a turn to the right when everyone else goes to the left.
 Taking a breather after a particularly complex series of steps.
 "Let's see...was that kick-ball-touch/crossover-unwind?"
Now, we've got it!
A new step has just been invented!

Why do we love line dancing?  It's good exercise for the body and the mind, we meet new people, and it's just plain fun!

On November 29, the Sugarfoot Dancers (advanced performance group) performed at the Veteran's Home, and on December 12, the intermediate performance group entertained residents at Ridgewind and Quail Ridge retirement centers.