Monday, December 5, 2016

Mountain River Ranch Holiday Evening

Another fantastic NKA travel offering was a holiday evening at Mountain River Ranch near Heise. Guests arrived at a sign-in lodge where they sipped warm spiced cider and visited while waiting for other guests to arrive. 

This massive longhorn was an impressive lodge adornment.
Back outside, guests nestled into sleighs pulled by matched pairs of well-groomed draft horses. 
Away we cheerily go into the snowy night filled with the jingling of bells on the horse harnesses. 
Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"90 & Better!"

A new NKA feature is the "90 & Better" club, an idea proposed by JoAn Dilweg. Brief biographies of NKA members who have achieved the age of 90 (or better) have been collected and submitted by Jane Riley. 

"90 & Better" members are feted each year at a special birthday party. 
As more NKA members join the club, their biographies will be added to this blog.

90 & Better: Lloyd Call

Submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Harold Leland Catmull

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley

90 & Better: Jeanne Hudson Davis

Bio written by JoAn Dilweg and submitted by Jane Riley