Thursday, May 21, 2015

Murder Under the Big Top

The NKA spring semester finished with another excellent who-done-it participation mystery facilitated by JoAn Dilweg. Cast members arrived in costume to get their final assignments and clues.
Yikes! The Big Top went black, and there was a commotion! When the lights came back on, the awful deed was done, and the culprit was revealed.
Actors collected awards for costuming, acting, most money gained through any means possible, etc.. After a rollicking great time, the cast gathered around JoAn for a few cast photos.
P.S. Can you guess which clown was the murderer?
Thanks, JoAn, for all the fun and good times!

Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Much Ado About Murder

On April 1st, all the ingredients of a deliciously-frightening murder mystery --lightning, thunder, weird sounds, screams in the dark--came together for the performance of "Much Ado About Murder," directed by facilitator JoAn Dilweg.

This play, presented by NKA actor-members, added the fun of the audience's participation in solving the crime.
Diane Bilyeu (above) played the role of "Mr. Hawker," a sinister master of ceremonies who tells the audience--using a series of flashbacks--about the events surrounding the murder.
During an intermission, the audience was invited to view the clue-rich scene of the crime.
Near the end of Act II, Mr. Hawker gave the audience a chance to question the characters.
Carol Nelson (above right) played "Lillian De Monde," an aging actress with information about the crime.
A good time was had by all...excepting the victim, of course!

Photos submitted by Marilyn Ames

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Antarctic Adventures

NKA member Allan Priddy has made 11 trips to the South Pole, working as a seasoned builder and contractor. His wife, Kathy, joined him in presenting "Your Tax Dollars at Work in the Antarctica," a discussion of what the USA is learning about Antarctica and what life is like on the Great White Continent.
Allan narrated a slideshow of his experiences with Antarctica's wildlife, glaciers, volcanos, and the science projects taking place there.

Kathy accompanied Allan on his last trip to Antarctica. 
Her career as a business education teacher at Idaho State University prepared her well to run the Post Office at McMurdo Bay.

Allan stressed the importance of a sense of humor in getting through the long, dark months and the extreme cold. He handily answered the many questions his excited audience asked.

In addition to an outstanding presentation, Kathy and Allan prepared a display of some of their duds and mementos.

Each of the items tells its own story of life in the frozen wilderness of Antarctica.

Photos and text submitted by Marilyn Ames.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Knitting & Crocheting Class (update)

NKA's Knitting and Crocheting Projects class is like a club where everyone is welcome. Well-known and respected for the lap robes and comfort creations they donate to Portneuf Medical Center patients, they are a busy and cheerful group who enjoy visiting over the clicking of their needles. 
This up-date includes Spring semester's new members and projects. To see more examples of items created, see the October, 2014, post. 
(Above: Ruth Moorhead displays the lap robe she's making.)
Pauline Havens started the knitting and crocheting group several years ago.

This semester's leaders are Rita Anderson (facilitator) and Gayle Pool (instructor).

Donations of acrylic yarn are gladly accepted, and the group is grateful to the many generous community members who have contributed yarn for the projects.
The squares and balls of yarn must first be untangled and sorted.  
This stylish hat was made by Carol, using some squares that were donated.
Suzanne, Barb, Carol, and Pauline untangle yarn.
Projects include afghans and lap robes, chemo hats, and scarves. Above, Sharon is working on a baby afghan, Suzanne is working on a hat, and Barb is knitting lap robe on circular needles.
Gayle helps Annette with her crocheting project, 
while Janine and Jeanne work on lap robes.
Shirley is in the yarn room hunting for yarn to make a hat to go with this scarf she's made. Below is the room where the yarn is stored. This is just half of it!
To donate yarn for this worthy project, contact the facilitator, Rita Anderson, at 232-2166.

Photos and text submitted by Jane Wyndham.